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Oodles Rewards connects retailers with consumers.

Oodles Rewards Loyalty Program mobile app solution helps businesses and communities connect in real-time and convert every transaction into a relationship. Oodles Rewards offers a unique proposition in the industry that is attractive to consumers and to businesses. Oodles Rewards is the industry’s first "Connected Car" based loyalty program platform for small and large retailers.

Retailers and brands spend thousands of dollars on online and offline marketing and advertising expenses to get less than 1 percent ROI. With Oodles Rewards's "Patent Pending" Fuel Reimbursement Loyalty Program, retailers will be able to target customers based on their location and drive traffic in real-time by offering their customers mileage based fuel rewards in addition to store coupons and other loyalty program offerings. Oodles Rewards app serves as a rewards hub where users can see many great deals, access coupons, get mileage based fuel rewards, digitize loyalty cards and receive location-based offers. Oodles Rewards is a digital way to rack up store savings, fuel rewards, and redeem Fuel Rewards at participating fuel retailers.

Our goal is to create a large and happy community of drivers to spread the fuel savings. We hope you will share your positive experience and spread the word to your friends and family. Please give us 5 star ratings if you love this app! "Like" our Facebook page and "Tweet" about Oodles Rewards.

Oodles Rewards is an Austin Technology Incubator startup, a wing of University of Texas.